Motor Fin Mount Probe Pad, 0.25 in. x 1.0 in. (6.35 mm x 25.4 mm) Probe Tip
A drawing showing the dimensions of a CTC MH118-4A mounting hardware for industrial condition monitoring sensors.
An image showing the application of a CTC motor fin mount
Case Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
Sensor Mounting 1/4-28 Tapped Hole
Field Mounting Epoxy (Sold Separately)
Recommended Epoxy CTC MH109-2A Sold Separately
Protective Cover CTC CP101-2A Red Cap Cover
Chemical Compatibilities for Reference
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  • Gasoline - A
  • Methanol - A
  • Lubricants – A
  • Compatible with all sensors with 1/4-28 mounting stud or bolt
  • Conversion mounting studs sold separately
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