MEB361 Series

Low Cost, Low Profile Accelerometer with Integrated Rotating Locking Nut, Side Exit Molded Integral Cable, 100 mV/g, ±15%
CB110 Integral Cable
Conductor Polarity
Red (+) Signal/Power
Black (-) Common
Shield Cable Drain Wire
A drawing showing the dimensions and pin configuration of a CTC MEB361 industrial accelerometer.
Stock Product
Specifications Standard Metric
Part Number MEB361 M/MEB361
Sensitivity (±15%) 100 mV/g
Frequency Response (±3dB) 30-660,000 CPM 0.5 Hz-11 kHz
Dynamic Range ± 80g, peak
*Vsource ≥ 22V, 12Vbias
Settling Time < 2 Seconds
Voltage Source (IEPE) 18-30 VDC
Constant Current Excitation 2-10 mA
Spectral Noise @ 10 Hz 30 µg/√Hz
Spectral Noise @ 100 Hz 4 µg/√Hz
Spectral Noise @ 1000 Hz 2 µg/√Hz
Output Impedance < 100 ohm
Bias Output Voltage 10-14 VDC
Case Isolation >108 ohm
Specifications Standard Metric
Operating Temperature Range -58 to 250 °F -50 to 121 °C
Maximum Shock Protection 10,000 g, peak
Electromagnetic Sensitivity CE Approved
Sealing IP68
Submersible Depth 200 ft. 61 m
SIL Rating SIL 2
Sensing Element PZT Ceramic
Sensing Structure Shear Mode
Weight 70 ounces 19.8 grams
Mounting Base Polyrethane Molded with 316L Stainless Steel Base
Mounting Thread 1/4-28
Cable Jacket Diameter 0.175 in. (4.5 mm)
Cable Jacket Material Polyurethane
Cable Conductor 20 AWG
Twisted Shielded Pair
Resonant Frequency 1,200,000 CPM 20 kHz
Mounting Torque 1.5 - 2.5 ft. lbs 2,0 to 3,4 Nm
Mounting Hardware Supplied 1/4-28 Stud M6x1 Adapter Stud
Calibration Certificate CA10

Typical Frequency Response

A line graph showing the frequency resopnse of a CTC MEB361 condition monitoring sensor.