TC224 Series

Temperature Sensor, Side Exit, °C Output
3 Pin Connector
Connector Pin Polarity
A (+) Power
B (-) Common
C (+) Temperature
A drawing showing the dimensions and pin configuration of a CTC TC224 industrial accelerometer.
Built To Order
Specifications Standard Metric
Part Number TC224 M/TC124
Sensitivity (±10%) 10 mV/°C
Frequency Response (±10%) -40 to 250 °F
Frequency Response (±5%) 10 mV/°C
Peak Sensitivity -40 to 121 °C
Saturation Time .5 Hr Minimum
Voltage Source (IEPE) 4-10 VDC
Case Isolation >108 ohm
Specifications Standard Metric
Operating Temperature Range 38 to 250 °F 3 to 121 °C
Electromagnetic Sensitivity CE
Sealing IP68
Weight 4.3 oz 122 grams
Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
Connector (Non-Integral) 3 Pin MIL-C-5015
Mounting Torque 2 to 5 ft. lbs. 2,7 to 6,8 Nm
Mounting Hardware Supplied 1/4-28 Captive Bolt M6x1 Captive Bolt