Dave Felten (L&S Electric Inc.)

Reliability Service Manager at L&S Electric, Inc. in Mosinee, Wisconsin.

"One of our customers may ask for accelerometers and accessories and I immediately go to CTC. They are always fast and they don't mess the order up. What I ask for is what I get." "CTC is good at identifying what the customer needs and fulfilling it. They make product suggestions, and we move forward with them. They don't try to push any products on us that aren't the right fit. They do what's best for us."

"We have been very happy with CTC's technical service. If we have questions or need help, they just take care of the problem."

"We were sick of paying a lot of money for cables, so some of the guys in the department were making and fixing their own. After some time, we decided to try out one CTC accelerometer cable for each technician. That way, if something goes wrong with them, CTC will replace it through their warranty. We've been so pleased that we now have several cables per technician."

"We share the good word about CTC. When someone asks where we get our cables or accelerometers, we immediately think of CTC. One, because their pricing is so good; and two, because their warranty is excellent."