Connection Technology Center (CTC) is committed to manufacturing the highest-quality products on the market, backed by industry-leading warranties. This mission is supported and driven by comprehensive quality policies, including meeting or exceeding relevant industry standards and adhering to our comprehensive internal Quality Management System.

Health, Safety, and Security

CTC recognizes the importance of health, safety, and security at the forefront of our manufacturing processes. Our processes and procedures are designed to exceed the legal requirements in providing a healthy, safe, and secure work environment for our employees and everyone else who might be affected by our work.

Material Policy

CTC is committed to sourcing components from the highest-quality, fair-trade vendors. Vendors are selected based on quality product, lead time, and reliability. CTC makes a concerted effort to buy from local and national vendors whenever possible. CTC does not discriminate or support vendors based on any other criteria, such as cultural, religious, or gender diversity. CTC can provide information on material sourcing such as CMRT. No further documentation regarding material or vendor sourcing can be provided.

Quality Management Policy

All CTC products go through several quality checkpoints throughout the production process to ensure a quality finished product. In-house calibration of all CTC sensors is conducted with full traceability to National and International Institutes of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T. , P.T.B). Additionally, CTC has dedicated incoming inspection and outbound inspection teams to inspect 100% of products coming into CTC for manufacturing and leaving CTC as finished products to ensure quality standards. CTC also has a dedicated Quality team that works full-time to implement progressive practices, ensure adherence to relevant standards, provide internal audits, and react to and address any customer quality concerns.


CTC is ISO9001 registered (click here to view the ISO certificate) and strives to maintain compliance with a wide variety of standards, including REACH, RoHS, requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres, and more, which can be found on our compliance webpage.

CTC also complies with ISO17025 and ANSI-Z-540-1: Requirements for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

SIL Certificates for all sensors are available on the individual product page under the Ratings & Approvals button on the right side of the page.

Quality Documentation for Products

CTC provides physical calibration certificates with the
shipment of the following products:
• Accelerometers
• Loop Power Sensors
• Velocity Sensors
• Proximity Probes
• Signal Conditioners

Should you need to obtain a copy of the calibration
certificate, please contact your Business Development Manager
with the product(s) serial number.

CTC does not provide the following documentation:
• ISO 17025 Lab Certification
• ISO 1401 Environmental Policy

Example certificate showing calibration information for an industrial vibration sensor, with red CTC Line logo at the top.
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