For more than a quarter of a century, CTC has stood behind its promise to bring you the most durable and reliable vibration analysis equipment, engineered to withstand long-term use in the harshest industrial environments.

We're so proud of our products that we back each of our product lines with the industry's best warranties:

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CTC Line Products (indicated by the red CTC logo) are backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

We believe our accelerometers and CTC Line vibration analysis products are the highest quality in the industry. That's why we offer the most comprehensive warranty with every product we ship.

CTC Line Unconditional Lifetime Warranty in Action

CTC is proud to offer the industry's best warranty on all CTC Line products (indicated by the red CTC logo), including accelerometers, loop power vibration sensors, cables, connectors, mounting hardware, and more.

If any CTC Line product should ever fail for any reason, at any time, CTC will repair or replace the product free of charge.  

We not only offer you the highest-quality products on the market, but we also offer you unmatched service and peace of mind for the lifetime of your CTC product. Here a just a few reasons we've offered hassle-free, free-of-charge repair or replacement to our valued customers:


Please note: should you wish to return your product for a repair or replacement under warranty, the product must be identifiable. Therefore, we require products to be returned with their distinct, original labeling OR complete set of components. This means that a legible cable label or engraving must be visible in order for CTC to validate and repair or replace the returned product. If the original labeling has been burned off, damaged, or is no longer legible, CTC requires that all components of the damaged product be returned along with a valid proof of purchase. Products that do not meet these qualifications for warranty will be returned in their current condition.

Seeing is believing! View examples of products that our customers have returned for convenient, complimentary repair or replacement:

Customer Testimonial

At CTC, we understand how vital your vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance program is for the overall success of your business. That’s why we strive to make every CTC product the very best on the market, backed by our industry-leading unconditional lifetime warranty and the industry’s best customer support.

CTC is dedicated to its promise to our customers - should any issue ever arise with your CTC product, the CTC team will go above and beyond to resolve the issue, giving you unmatched peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment.

Long-time CTC customer, Jim Lancaster, shares how CTC stands behind its promise to provide customers with the best support in the industry:

“I have been using CTC accelerometers and cables on underwater pump applications for many years very successfully. One of my customers, a municipal water utility, was planning to remove and repair several of their pumps for a routine upgrade. Their pumps are substantially larger than average and they hoped to not remove these pumps for a minimum of 10 years, due to the size and expense of installation.

I was able to persuade them that obtaining vibration measurements directly from the pump would be beneficial. Within a few days of installation, both sensors failed. CTC not only replaced the failed sensors (without a product return, as they were inaccessible) but in this circumstance, they doubled the volume as we felt bad about their unusual experience and this would allow them to place sensors on the next two pumps.

About a month after the second pump was installed these sensors also failed. CTC Owner, Todd Cook was notified of the failures. Immediately, testing was done for water incursion and it was discovered that recently an automated welding machine was updated at the factory, which regrettably was not set up properly by the manufacturer after purchase, allowing water incursion into the sensor.

Todd requested that the sensors and cables be returned, so he could replace them. Unfortunately, this was not an average installation and it was cost-prohibitive to remove the pumps from the river. Todd asked if there was any other way to access the sensors. The customer somewhat jokingly mentioned that they occasionally use a dive team. Todd requested they get a quote and commissioned the dive team to replace all the sensors.

Previously, leak testing was not performed on every sensor that was produced. Now, as a result, 100% of the sensors are leak tested. The replaced sensors currently remain in service many years later.

Other Warranties

Navy Blue PRO Line logo with Proximity Probe Systems tagline.

PRO Line Products (indicated by the blue PRO logo) are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Workmanship

CTC's PRO Line offers the world's most durable and reliable Proximity Probe Systems including drivers, probes, extension cables, enclosures, and mounting hardware for 24/7 protection of critical rotating machines in the most demanding environments. PRO Line Proximity Probe Systems are compatible with all major condition monitoring software.


Green TMP logo with Test & Measurement Products tagline.

TMP Line Products (indicated by the green TMP logo) are backed by a Five-Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship for Standard Sensors and Three-Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship for All Accessories, Cables, Connectors, Custom Products, and Private Labeled Parts

CTC's TMP Line features miniature, lightweight vibration analysis accelerometers and hardware for research and development applications.


Custom and Private-Label Part Warranties

Custom parts are covered by CTC’s best-in-class unconditional lifetime warranty. Should your custom part ever fail, CTC will repair or replace the product, free of charge.

Private-label parts are covered by an industry-leading 2-year unconditional warranty. Should your private label part fail within 2 years of manufacture, CTC will repair or replace the product, free of charge.


Warranty on Discontinued Products

If your product has been discontinued, CTC will repair your product or replace it with the closest, alternative active part.

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