MX102 Fiberglass MAXX Box

The MX102 fiberglass enclosed BNC connection box is used to convert the two-conductor input wiring of up to 12 remotely installed single-axis accelerometers or piezo velocity sensors to BNC outputs for portable data collection. Input wiring from each sensor is connected to the outputs via spring cage or screw terminal blocks inside the enclosure. Each terminal block includes inputs for signal/power, common and shield. The shield drain wire is earth grounded via an external ground stud that is mounted to the side of the fiberglass enclosure.

MX102 diagram

Rated for NEMA 4X (IP66), the MX102 Series can withstand harsh environments including temperatures ranging from -58 to 180 °F (-50 to 82 °C). The box is also resistant to hose directed fluid and corrosion. A snap latch is installed on the door allowing the box to be sealed from the elements when not in use.

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