CT101: Polycarbonate Cable Termination Box

The CT101 polycarbonate cable termination box converts the input wiring for up to four accelerometers or piezo velocity sensors to a portable data collection unit. Input wiring from each sensor is connected to the outputs via a terminal strip inside the enclosure. The terminal strip is wired to BNC connectors located on the front of the box. Each BNC output is equipped with a cover attached to the box. The CT101 box can be equipped with an optional, factory installed ground lug for external grounding.

CT101 diagram

Rated for IP64, the CT101 can also withstand harsh environments, including temperatures ranging from -58 °F to 180 °F (-50 °C to 82 °C). A cover featuring four self-tapping screws allows the box to be sealed from the elements. This box is ideal for low cost applications, and/or applications with space constraints which require a small form factor.

CTC product comparison chart
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