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Welcome to Machinery Diagnostics Institute’s Educational Collaboration page, where you will find information about the trainings offered by MDI, as well as webinars and featured content related to CTC products and trending topics in the vibration industry. MDI offers comprehensive technical trainings covering a variety of topics related to:

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Meet the Machinery Diagnostics Institute Trainers

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Aly Attia - Condition Monitoring Expert
Accredit Instructor for Vibration Analysis, Machinery Lubrication, and Infrared Thermography

Aly Attia is a Condition Monitoring Engineer with major experience in Rotating Machinery Diagnostics and Reliability. He carries out rotating machinery diagnostics using many techniques including vibration measurements and analysis, oil sampling and analysis, thermal imaging, ultrasound testing, and performing precision onsite balancing + laser alignment for different heavy to mid-range industries. He has valuable experience in mechanical maintenance and machinery condition monitoring in many different fields such as cement, steel, power generation, oil and gas, refineries, food and beverage, and more.

Aly uses his supreme communication and technical training skills to engage with trainees and maintenance teams to improve site performance by delivering technical knowledge and guiding them to drive down costs and utilize the best condition-monitoring techniques for their specific applications. He has successfully delivered accredited Condition Monitoring courses, both online and offline, to international students around the world, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, and many more.

Aly's instructional credentials include:

  • Certified Vibration Analysis Instructor Accredit from Mobius Institute
  • Certified Machinery Lubrication Instructor Accredit from ICML
  • Certified Infrared Thermography Instructor Accredit from Infraspection Institute

List of accredited certifications:

  • Vibration Analysis CAT III
  • Machinery Lubrication Analysis Level II
  • Infrared Thermographer CAT II
  • Advanced Turbomachinery Diagnostics
  • Advanced Bearing Technology & Reliability
  • Advanced Machinery Balancing
  • Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)
  • Asset Reliability Practitioner – ARP – A
  • Ultrasound Testing


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Salah Attia
Machinery Diagnostics International Consultant

Salah Attia is one of only a few machinery diagnostics international consultants, with more than 15 years of experience in reliability and rotating machinery diagnostic services, troubleshooting, and condition monitoring techniques in multinational organizations. Based in Australia, Salah has played a critical role in leading companies across Australia, the Arabian Gulf, and Egypt. He is currently acting as a Technical Consultant & Instructor at MCS - Australia.

Salah’s experience is specialized in rotating machinery diagnostics and condition monitoring using vibration analysis techniques and different vibration data collectors’ types and software. He is also an ISO 18436-2 CAT IV certified Vibration Analyst and approved instructor from the Mobius Institute.

Salah’s technical training skills have helped maintenance teams improve site performance and reduce overall expenses in a variety of heavy industries, including mining, cement, steel, power, oil and gas, off-shore rigs, and refinery and mineral processing.

Certifications & Courses:

  • Certified Vibration Analyst Category IV - Mobius Institute
  • Certified Thermography Category II - Infrared Technical Center
  • Certified Oil Analyst Category II - ICML
  • Certified Asset Reliability Practitioner Category 1 - Mobius Institute
  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional - SMRP
  • Vibration Probes for Bentley Nevada Systems - General Electric
  • Rotor Dynamics and Modal Analysis Course - Vibration Institute
  • Precision Shaft Alignment Training (WE240) - (SKF)
  • Bearing Maintenance and Service Courses (BMR603) - (SKF)
  • Motor Current Signature Analysis (EXP4000) - (SKF)
  • Machinery Balancing Course - (FAG)


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