CTC's Motor Fin Mount Pads are a unique solution specifically designed for fin-cooled motors where there is no clear access to a bearing casing. This proprietary design was made in 1995 after studying the dimensions of hundreds of fin-cooled motors and hasn’t changed ever since. This tried-and-true solution has been a staple in many analysts’ toolboxes for over 20 years. These mounting pads feature a 1/4-28 threaded hole for stud mounting. They are also magnetically attractive for route-based measurements.

It is important to select the right Motor Fin Mount Pad based on the dimensions of your motor's fins. The probe of the fin mount pad must fit in between the motor fins and the bottom of the probe must contact the motor casing in order to transfer the vibration to the mounted sensor. For motors that have a space greater than ½ in. between each fin, motor fin mount probe pads with a thickness of ½ in. are available and will reduce the amount of adhesive needed.

To install, apply adhesive to the sides and the bottom of the probe portion of the motor fin mount probe pad (please note: the area is roughened to enhance the bonding area). Firmly press the pad in between the fins, ensuring the bottom of the fin is touching the machine casing and the pad is resting flat on the fins.

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